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Hi, my name is Mike.

Hello, my name is Mike Pirtle, and I'm a happily addicted serial entrepreneur! This is my crate full of out of the box thinking. Open up to expand your belief on what is possible! #BeElite

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My goal is to not only inspire others to take action towards their dream, but to also equip them and aid in making that vision a reality.

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Indiana Black Expo Events of Note

The Indiana Black Expo is coming up and these are a couple of the events on my radar. Hope to see you all adding to your network, knowledge, and skillset at the Indiana Convention Center!

Monday July 16
0830 – 1015 Mayor’s Breakfast
1030 – 1200 Project Pipeline: Opportunities are KNOCKING…are YOU ready?
1230 – 1400 “Growing Your Business” – Access to Capital and Business Sustainability
1430 – 1600 Indy Chamber’s Business Model Canvas – the New Business Plan
1600 – 1730 Everything You Do is an Investment — Matt Judge, TJC Event Solutions

Tuesday July 17
0900 – 1030 Business Opportunities with the State of Indiana
1100 – 1230 Indiana Colleges and Universities; $1 Billion Dollar Business Opportunities
1400 – 1530 Governor’s Awards Reception – RSVP required*
1600 – 1800 “How Federal Government Can Help Your Small Business Grow” Led by SBA and HUD.

Friday July 20

Here is a link to the Calendar of Events in full.

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40: Adversity

Welcome back to The Serial CEO! No matter who we are, no matter what we do, if we’re going in the right direction in a self-directed life, hard times are in our future. Today, we’re going to talk about prevailing in those hard times, showing a strength of character in adversity and having the elite mentality of operating from a place of winning.

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The Serial CEO Show

39: Living Above Drama

Welcome back to The Serial CEO! Today, I’m going to talk about living above life’s turmoil. What does it mean to be living above the drama? What does it mean to be living above the things that we don’t have control over, that seem to steer us out of control mentally and physically in a lot of different ways? Inspired by my readings of James Allen, I hope that you guys can pick up a nugget of wisdom or two from this episode. Enjoy!

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The Serial CEO Show

38: Charting Your Course

This life is a journey! Today on The Serial CEO, I want to talk to you guys about finding the course for your life, your brand, and your business.

If you’re alive, you’re probably moving. If you’re not moving, you’re probably dead. You’re in between those two categories pretty much with every decision that you make. Are you going to give more life to who you want to be, or are you going to retreat away from that potential?

Tune in to this episode and start charting your course towards that Elite LYFE today!

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The Serial CEO Show

37: Being Fearless with Kelli Jones

Welcome back to The Serial CEO! Today, we’re going to talk to Kelli who, in my opinion, is one of the elite achievers in Indianapolis. She’s someone who has really set the bar, and has been in the position of being an influencer and a leader. I hope you can all pick up some valuable lessons from her. Enjoy!


Kelli Jones is a young entrepreneur who leads two amazing brands. She is co-founder of Be Nimble Venturs and From Nap, With Love. Her background is mostly in marketing, advertising, and sales while working in the music industry for the last 10 years. Now, with From Nap, With Love, she works to bring culture together by creating a hub for young professionals, and creating enticing events that are more than just a party. Be Nimble is a venture where Kelli works to create a culture that’s dedicated to diversity, inclusion and technology.

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The Serial CEO Show

36: Finding Your Direction

Welcome back to The Serial CEO! Today, I’m here to talk to you guys about Direction. And I’m here to help you be clear about it, because even if you have the most well-charted out course towards achieving the life that you want, if you’re going in the wrong direction, you could still end up in the wrong location.

Dominate your environment! Be intentional every day and never aimless in your life! Find your direction and be the elite version of yourself!

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The Serial CEO Show

35: Drive (pt 2)

As promised, I’m back to talk about Drive! In the last episode, we talked about why it’s important to figure out your “Why”, the thing that puts you into a state of mind where you’re willing to delay gratification, where you’re not operating on a day-to-day basis to pacify yourself. Today, I want to lock in on some actionable ways that you can go about creating progress in your life.

How do you become a technician, get under the hood, work on that engine and apply that drive in a way that’s going to create sustainable progress for your life? Let’s get into it!

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