Purpose (n.) — the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

We all have a reason for living. A reason within which we will operate at our maximum potential. The greatest achievers find this purpose, and spend everyday consumed with realizing the vision that it has imparted them with.

Finding your purpose is about having a realistic self-concept, and being committed to blessing others with the gifts that you’ve been given. Unfortunately, many people have taken on a self-concept that is not of their own creation. The “common” understandings of our society are so widely and quickly disseminated today that many are unable to break through the noise long enough to find comfort in the internal voice that says “You are…”.

This dangerous realm of externally constructed self images has been detrimental to our society; leaving many people wondering “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”. Even more dangerous are those who incorrectly believe they know the answer to these questions, and lead a life under their peak. Here are Three Signs that you may be operating outside of your Purpose.

1. Need More Resources

Whenever you embark on a project that you’re excited about, do you find yourself needing something else before you can get started. The truth is that doing what you can NOW with what you have NOW is a trait of someone willing to take massive action. Buying a new resource or learning something new is the solution that many use to avoid activity; however, after doing these things, the willingness to actually DO often times is still pulling a disappearing act. Getting a new highlighter so that you can read that book will not give you new life to take on the endeavor.

2. Feeling Tired All Day

Though it is important to take care of our bodies in order to have energy, being in your purpose will create a vital energy that will push us through many physical boundaries. When it is absolutely necessary for you to do something, you will make it happen by any means necessary. This fact can be found in many of the lowly purposes that we find ourselves fulfilling like scratching a fast food itch or indulging in habitual smoking or drinking. You will never be “too tired” to complete a meaningful purpose driven task.

3. Not Ready

The common reason that many give for not taking the next step towards achieving something is that “I’m not ready yet.” This is a piss poor way to limit ones self. The only way to definitively know that you are ready for something is to know that you WERE ready because you already completed it. If you find yourself using the excuse that you are preparing to take on a worthy cause, be sure that you aren’t just giving yourself a reason to not take the necessary actions that you are fully equipped to take today. Success waits for no man, and you do not want to let the shot clock expire with the ball still in your hands. Take action… NOW!

You are created with a purpose that is worthy of your undeterred energy. You are more than enough, and you are capable of achieving things beyond your wildest imagination. Do whatever it takes today in order to live the life you desire tomorrow. Once you break through these stagnancy barriers to create progress, you’ll find that your purpose was much, much closer than you originally thought.