There’s a certain point in the progression of a successful entrepreneur… Where they simply DECIDED that they were going to be serious.

There’s a point where people become good parents… they DECIDED that they were going to do what it takes to provide a good life for they’re children.

A college graduate reaches a point as well… where they visualize themselves holding the diploma and DECIDE they will make it a reality.

DunkTimeIf you look back on your life and think about your greatest accomplishments, you’ll find a point where you made a decision that you would succeed no matter what. (Even if that accomplishment is dunking on someone’s head ? ) That decision was quickly followed up by action, and our whole decision-making process changes. We don’t respond to things that once interested or irritated us if they’re not in alignment with this vision for our lives. Whether it’s working out, studying, or just plain grinding, we will find a way to be consistently productive. The successful person knows how to decide what they will focus on, engage in, and think about on a daily basis.

#Be Consistent #BeElite

It’s very easy to talk about wanting something today. We’ll yell to the mountain tops that we are going to win, but when it’s game time are we making game winning decisions?! I guarantee you this… the action that shadows a true decision will make it clear if that talk is cheap or not.

Action is the key to decisions ignition.

When you come across someone who has truly decided to be elite in their field, it’s unmistakable. This is a situation where it truly does “take one to know one.” You’ll know because of how laser focused they are with their day-to-day decision making. It takes a lot of sacrifice, but getting to that level is worth it. Those meet and greets happen at some really dope locations! (You can only imagine where that level of success enjoys it’s time… ?? ) Yes, there are a lot of Big decisions that ignite Big action; however, the most important decisions that enable high levels of winning in life are all the small, potent ones about what we will DO. Action is the key to decisions ignition.

Most importantly, this is an internal conversation. The only person who can make a true decision is YOU. No one else. In fact, everyone else is busy being amazing at making decisions for themselves! DECIDE what you’re going to DO, and do it today. You’re going to do things anyway so you might as well make them based on conscious decisions. Time will make sure it lets us know whether those decisions were good ones or bad ones… it’s always very clear. Especially if you’re the one who jumped and got dunked on ??

#BeDecisive #BeElite