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Michael started Enthrall in 2009 during his sophomore year at Indiana University. With the mission to develop the discipline necessary to build a successful enterprise, he enlisted in the US Air Force, and collected multiple honors and positions as a satellite communications technician in Germany. Mike embarked on building Enthrall full-time in 2014. He now owns a portfolio of brands that generated over $1.2 million across four industries in FY2018. He believes that any goal can be accomplished with the focus on a single word – Progress.

Mike has a passion for inspiring others to pursue their goals by identifying a brand they want to become, and focusing on acquiring the knowledge, habits, and skills to fulfill that vision. This life philosophy is embodied by the ELITE Coalition Brand Consortium, ELITE Apparel, ELITE Foundation, and ELITE Fellowship Program.

Mike has built a professional track record of building businesses from the ground-up and ensuring their long-term success. He considers himself to be a “builder of brands and people.” Michael is dedicated to the mission of inspiring others to their peak potential. He believes that anyone can build a brand around their passions and, with consistent effort and focus, progress into a life of fulfillment.


Current Business Concerns: Enthrall Brand Solutions (Intellectual Property Experts) / ELITE Coalition (International Multi-Niche Brand Consortium & Mastermind Network) / ELITEgarb (Progress Focused Lifestyle Clothing Brand) / Enthrall Capital Investments (Real Estate Investment Firm) / MonaVation General Contractors (Indianapolis Based Construction Company) / MaidMe (Residential and Commercial Cleaning Company)

Hobbies: Traveling, Basketball, Family Time, Reading, Networking
Huge Houston Rockets and Denver Broncos fan

US Air Force Veteran

Currently studying Business Administration in San Francisco

for general / work / consultation inquiries please contact me
at mipirtle@enthrall.co



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My everyday life is about people, passion, and progress. My business ventures are my vehicle to achieving impact and influence on the world around me. When it’s all said and done I hope to have helped create stories of dreams fulfilled.



My goal is to not only inspire others to take action towards their dream, but to also equip them and aid in making that vision a reality.