Spoiler Alert: Don’t hate the player, Love the game. That’s my philosophy. Though many people may view the facts displayed in this video with disdain. I see them as a sign of where we need to aim, and who we should seek to learn from.

I found this video particularly interesting, because for some reason a majority of people are fighting to take the beaten path into the Middle Class without knowing what their heading into. I am currently in this class, and let me tell you that this is not where you want to be. The new laws that are trying to “equal” out the wealth are only suffocating the blue collar Middle Class of society, because we are taxed based on measurable salary or income. Those who are truly considered wealthy don’t have a salary. They acquire assets that will pay them whether they show up or not. The income from those assets can be taxed, but past a certain point it honestly doesn’t matter anymore.

I am very different from those “hard working” Americans who see this as a problem. Success truly does leave clues, and if you take the time to study what is not taught in our education system you will learn how to get to the level above the curve. No degree, professor, or career will get you there. I believe that IF YOU ONLY LEARN WHAT SOMEONE IS WILLING TO TEACH YOU, THEN YOU WILL ONLY ATTAIN COMMON KNOWLEDGE AND ONLY EARN WHAT SOMEONE IS WILLING TO GIVE YOU. I guarantee you that somewhere in that top 20% there are people willing to show you how they got there. I’m 100% positive, because books come out from them all the time.

Take your growth into your own hands, and don’t rely on someone else to hire you or hand you a degree to your life. They will only open the door to you living on a higher level of broke. Pick the life you want to live, and do everything in your power to do so. Find a mentor, read books from those who have done it, and never stop feeding your dreams! If you don’t viciously pursue the life of your dreams, then that life will stay there and you will never live it.

Peace and Prosperity to you all. God Bless.