Imagine a stuntman who knows he can jump across the Grand Canyon. No one has ever done this before, but he has a strong belief that he will be the first to accomplish this feat. The first thing that many may try to do is REASON with him. “It’s physically impossible!”, “No one has done this before, it’s outlandish to think this way!”, and “Are you mad?!” are all words that may come from some of his close friends and family. Are they trying to hold him back??? No, they are simply concerned for his well-being and can’t relate to his audacious thought patterns.

Many of us have a single stuntman living inside of us, and an internal peanut gallery of reason that tells us to stop thinking illogically. We tell ourselves that we must be REALISTIC and set attainable goals for ourselves. When you add the external connections who further amplify these thoughts of disbelief, we develop a mist of mediocrity so thick that we are barely sparked to achievement on a daily basis. We cede to the work that is living instead of forcing ourselves into the work that is creating a life. Still, the untouchable dreams that occasionally break through the fog, attempting to ignite our child-like desire and imagination for the unreachable will always peak their heads out of our sub-conscious as if to say “Remember me?”.

One of the traits that I admire about children is their ability (yes ABILITY) to be unreasonable. They have not had the privilege of responsibility, learned helplessness, and lost opportunity to dumb down their perception that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. When you haven’t collected enough experiences as to what your limitations are it just so happens that those limitations don’t exist. This ability to be unreasonable is re-learned by many of the greatest achievers in history, and I encourage you to begin training yourself to do so as well. Remove the knowledge of what’s possible, and every time your inner crowd of scholars tries to keep your inner genius from raising his hand… Ask the question anyway. HOW?

Every record book is a chronicle of limitation that many have proven wrong again and again.

This is what life is all about! Raising the question of how to accomplish the impossible, and seeking the answer through effort rather than allowing someone else to provide you with written facts. After all, every record book is a chronicle of limitation that many have proven wrong again and again. What peak precedent will you focus on to crush in your life? What have you wanted to achieve but have delayed or are waiting for “the right time” to attempt? Turn down the volume on reason, if only for a moment, and allow yourself to be unreasonable. If you’re bold enough to act, you may surprise yourself and give others a good reason to do the same.