Our world would be nothing without People, and their impact on others and the things around them. These are my stories about the awesome individuals I meet on a daily basis. People are the foundation of history. This is mine.

People, Success

How a Rebrand Created $3.9 Million in Two Years

We kick off Season 4 of the Build Your Own Brandcast by catching up with, 3 year Enthrall Brand Partner, Karl Nichols of Community Wellness Partners. The organization has expanded significantly since their rebrand in 2016, and we discuss how the brand asset can improve your mission and support system.

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Indiana Black Expo Events of Note

The Indiana Black Expo is coming up and these are a couple of the events on my radar. Hope to see you all adding to your network, knowledge, and skillset at the Indiana Convention Center!

Monday July 16
0830 – 1015 Mayor’s Breakfast
1030 – 1200 Project Pipeline: Opportunities are KNOCKING…are YOU ready?
1230 – 1400 “Growing Your Business” – Access to Capital and Business Sustainability
1430 – 1600 Indy Chamber’s Business Model Canvas – the New Business Plan
1600 – 1730 Everything You Do is an Investment — Matt Judge, TJC Event Solutions

Tuesday July 17
0900 – 1030 Business Opportunities with the State of Indiana
1100 – 1230 Indiana Colleges and Universities; $1 Billion Dollar Business Opportunities
1400 – 1530 Governor’s Awards Reception – RSVP required*
1600 – 1800 “How Federal Government Can Help Your Small Business Grow” Led by SBA and HUD.

Friday July 20

Here is a link to the Calendar of Events in full.

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Have You Decided to Win???

There’s a certain point in the progression of a successful entrepreneur… Where they simply DECIDED that they were going to be serious.

There’s a point where people become good parents… they DECIDED that they were going to do what it takes to provide a good life for they’re children.

A college graduate reaches a point as well… where they visualize themselves holding the diploma and DECIDE they will make it a reality.

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Google Pixel XL First Glance (Photos)

I’ve been talking about switching to the Google Pixel XL on our podcast the past couple of weeks, and I got mine yesterday. Decided to go for a hike today, and these are some of the shots I took. A lot of noise has been made about the quality of the camera… Decide for yourself!


?? Taken by iPhone.

(Click to see full size image)

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Fave Five: What T-Mobile Had VERY Right

Kanye West brought back G.O.O.D. Friday with his new track Real Friends today. Pretty fitting for my topic, and it’s a banging track so check out the official drop on his Soundcloud.

barkle_fav5Remember the T-Mobile Sidekick that was hot some years ago? (High School for me) It was a nice transformer of a phone, but that wasn’t the biggest thing they did right in that timeframe. They also ran a promotion offering unlimited talk and text to your favorite five contacts headed by promotions featuring Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade. What many of us missed was that this was a success principle to be extremely aware of.

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TSO Brings Us Back

The world’s been waiting…

Since his collaborative hit “All I Know” featuring legend Canton Jones and Florida’s own Uncle Reece, we’ve anticipated the upcoming album from Totally Sold Out. In response, he’s gifted us with this soulful jam reminding us that greatness takes time. The history of the genre as been blessed with so much talent over the years, and TSO looks back at some of his favorite influences.

Be on the lookout for his album coming out this year! I’ll be in line for it’s release for sure!

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Join us at the Top!!!!!

I’d like to personally invite you to an event that my company Enthrall is sponsoring to kickoff the New Year. The Greatness Within Seminars are the brainchild of Christopher McBride. He came to me with the idea to put together events that will bring likeminded people together to learn concepts that will help them break through barriers and achieve greatness. Naturally I was honored to be invited and see the possibilities!

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Zach Hodskins

It’s very easy to look at a handicap and choose a path that ignores, what many believe to be, our weakness. I love seeing people who look at those areas as strengths, and pursue their objective despite the adversity.

Enter Zach Hodskins.

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