Though the number of people who tune a radio each time they get in their vehicle may be drastically lower than in the past, it is indisputable that we all plug into a station of some sort whether that’s FM, Pandora, or a playlist. We choose what we want to listen to, and point our devices to where we will be able to catch that tune. Each and every market is full of people making that same type of decision as to “What do I want to tune in to?” The job of the effectively constructed brand is to create a clear station to broadcast it’s message, and attract those who will stop to draw value from that message.

These are three things to keep in mind as you work to build an attractive Brand Station for your message, product, service, or organization.

1. The World is Noisy

The world is noisy, and we must build an attractive enough brand for people to want to tune-in and filter-out the noise. You must understand that your audience of potential buyers or followers have an entire world of other options that they can choose from. Projecting your brand to them is only the first half of the battle. Once you are an ever present station to tune-in to, you must make sure that you have the programming in place to resonate with your listeners.

2. Share Your Values

Marketing is not about buying ads or a website anymore. Marketing in today’s marketplace is about sharing your brand’s values, and resonating with the group that shares those same values with you. To understand how to take action on this knowledge, one must understand that a brand does not have a list of values, but a successful brand itself is actually the compilation of those values. The values are the dots that when connected makeup the brand! With this understanding, the effective brand shares it’s value by simply being authentic.

3. Create a Connection

A mature brand creates an emotional connection by transitioning from communicating features to conveying benefits. When the audience receiving the message shares the values of the brand transmitting that message, securing this valuable connection becomes possible. The cheap way of attempting to build this revenue generating bond is to blast out the product itself, and hope you find someone who needs it at the right time. The professional way to go about doing this is to use the value-based brand’s perspective to speak to the benefits it values providing, and the potential customers who share those values will be tuned-in until the time when they need them.

Ultimately, creating an effective brand station is about becoming an omni-present source of value to your market. This will prevent you from becoming just one of the sides of the “decision dice” when it comes time for your customers to purchase. A properly built Brand Station will give you a loyal group of listeners who will see you as the only feasible answer when that time arrives.

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About the Author
Mike Pirtle is the Founder and CEO of Enthrall, LLC a brand development firm that is known for its category creating approach to branding, marketing, and consultation.