I’d like to personally invite you to an event that my company Enthrall is sponsoring to kickoff the New Year. The Greatness Within Seminars are the brainchild of Christopher McBride. He came to me with the idea to put together events that will bring likeminded people together to learn concepts that will help them break through barriers and achieve greatness. Naturally I was honored to be invited and see the possibilities!

The first event was held in mid-December 2015, and it was definitely an awesome atmosphere to be a part of. When Chris accepted our offer to host the next event, it was the perfect opportunity for Enthrall to push forward with our mission to connect People with the things they have Passion for, and give them the tools, resources, and information to create Progress towards a life of fulfillment.

The line-up for the 2nd Greatness Within Seminar is packed with some of the top movers in our generation in the Indianapolis area. With the goal of breaking through all limitations before us… Join us at The Summit!

With topics like Accountability, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Resourcefulness, Perfection, and Catching your Dreams the events power packed speaker line-up includes: Chris McBride, David Macon, Bradley Houser, Damen Bonner, Ashley Gulley, and David Gibson.

When you bring together a room full of potential only progress can be the result so you don’t want to miss out on this event from The Greatness Guru and Enthrall! Register today to receive your COMPLIMENTARY reservation and event location information.



Join us at the Top!!!