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Hi, my name is Mike.

Hello, my name is Mike Pirtle, and I'm a happily addicted serial entrepreneur! This is my crate full of out of the box thinking. Open up to expand your belief on what is possible! #BeElite

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My goal is to not only inspire others to take action towards their dream, but to also equip them and aid in making that vision a reality.

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The Serial CEO Show

36: Finding Your Direction

Welcome back to The Serial CEO! Today, I’m here to talk to you guys about Direction. And I’m here to help you be clear about it, because even if you have the most well-charted out course towards achieving the life that you want, if you’re going in the wrong direction, you could still end up in the wrong location.

Dominate your environment! Be intentional every day and never aimless in your life! Find your direction and be the elite version of yourself!

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The Serial CEO Show

35: Drive (pt 2)

As promised, I’m back to talk about Drive! In the last episode, we talked about why it’s important to figure out your “Why”, the thing that puts you into a state of mind where you’re willing to delay gratification, where you’re not operating on a day-to-day basis to pacify yourself. Today, I want to lock in on some actionable ways that you can go about creating progress in your life.

How do you become a technician, get under the hood, work on that engine and apply that drive in a way that’s going to create sustainable progress for your life? Let’s get into it!

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The Serial CEO Show

34: Drive!

Welcome back to The Serial CEO! Today, what I want to talk about is the reason why you need to have a “Why” in your life. A lot of people are trying to get somewhere, but most people are just not getting anywhere anytime soon. Do you happen to be one of those people? Do you know why you have motivators and things that keep you on pace to get to your ultimate destination? Let’s talk about Drive!

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The Serial CEO Show

33: Mine Your Mind

Welcome back to The Serial CEO! In today’s show, I’m going to talk about ideas and about how you can get rich in this information age. I’m not going to necessarily tell you how you can get money, but I’m going to tell you where you can find the ideas and the things that are going to ensure that you are dictating your own future.

Are you ready? Let’s get it on!

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The Serial CEO Show

31: Perspective, Fatherhood, and Legacy w/ Brandon L Washington

The Serial CEO Episode 30: Perspective, Fatherhood, and Legacy w/ Brandon L Washington

My brother B. Wash joined me on the show today to discuss how important our perspective on opportunity can shape our decisions and outcomes. Be Bold. Be Unapologetic. Be Elite!


You have to have a story to back up your voice and to back up what you’re saying. Use your voice to make a change and as a platform to make a change. Be consistent with staying focused on what your agenda is for your life, and manifesting the progress that you know you want for yourself.

Capitalize on perspectives and opportunities. Everybody has a story and no matter who you are, you have a perspective. Oftentimes, that perspective shapes your reality. Capitalizing your perspective may ultimately open or close opportunities for you. It starts with people realizing they have a story that help create what exists among their own thoughts and channels of understanding. Perspective and capitalizing on opportunity is essential for forward movement and progress.

Understand that your very next decision is your best decision. That’s because it’s going to get you where you’re going to be headed. Even if that destination isn’t the one that you ultimately want to be at, the decision that you make is the best one because now you’ve got another opportunity in front of you.

“Be bold is essential, and be unapologetic and intentional with your decisions and your movements and actions.” – Brandon L. Washington [0:04:29]

“A lot of people need to be willing to step to the plate and accept the challenges that the universe is throwing at them.” – Mike Pirtle [0:11:35]

“Those who are building a legacy are rarely talking about it because they’re too busy walking it out.” – Mike Pirtle [0:16:02]


We want to make sure that we are helping you to capitalize on the perspectives that you see on a day to day basis no matter what those decisions are. And I want to encourage you to be elite in those decisions, whatever that may be for you.

You can look up Brandon L. Washington on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Thank you for plugging in to The Serial CEO. If you like what you’re hearing, do subscribe and leave me feedback. I want to encourage you to Boss Up and I want to encourage you to Be Elite.

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The Serial CEO Show

30: The Importance of I

The Serial CEO Episode 30: The Importance of I

Do you know what you really truly care about? Or do you spend a lot of time doing things that you don’t really care about or that won’t get you to where you want to go? We are all inherently selfish, but it is important to be aware of what we value and are collecting into our lives. In today’s episode, let’s dive in to the importance of I.

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The Serial CEO Show

29: The Elite Mindset

The Serial CEO Episode 29: The Elite Mindset

Welcome back to The Serial CEO! A lot of traveling and business building in March and April, but I’m excited to connect with you all again. Today we discuss The Elite Mindset, a life philosophy that has guided my personal progress since 2009.

Who do you want to be? Do you want to create the life that you truly deserve? The elite life, a self-directed life, one where you have control, one where you are living the experience that you have always to live? Plug in to today’s episode and invest into Team You!

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The Serial CEO Show

28: BHM – Mohammed Al Amoudi

Have you created a big enough vision for the life you want to live? Sell yourself on who you want to be and the circumstances to make it so will present themselves. Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi has entered a international plane of influence that requires nothing less than a burning desire to live an epic existence.

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