I am a happily addicted serial entrepreneur. I started my first business in 2009, and it quickly became my passion to create self-generated income. There’s nothing better than making a living doing the things that you live for, and I live for the opportunity to succeed entrepreneurially as I propel others to unabatedly push forward with their ideas and ambitions. Everything that I’ve done hasn’t been an overwhelming success, but each set back has been a set up for an even greater comeback!

Being in the position to not only motivate others to take action, but also provide them with the tools, resources, and knowledge to make significant progress is of the utmost importance to me. My current projects reflect my core ethos of supporting People, their Passions, and Progress towards a life of fulfillment.

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.

Tony Robbins


I’ve been blessed with a pretty expansive vision for the enterprise I am building. These are the currently built out and fully functioning concerns.

Enthrall LLC

Enthrall is a comprehensive brand development firm known for it’s category creating approach to branding, marketing, and consultation.

With a unique millennial insight into the industry, Enthrall has a reputation for positioning clients’ brands in the center of their audience’s attention. Our proprietary GPS Brand Construction System is built upon a cutting edge, global perspective on building sustainable Brand IP (Intellectual Property) that can dominate the Information Age marketplace.

The ELITE Coalition

The ELITE™ Coalition is an invite-only international multi-niche power network made up of Enthrall Brand Partners, Vendors, Associates, and Ambassadors. This community was birthed from Enthrall’s BYOB (Build Your Own Brand) initiative with the goal: “To build and develop a community that is conscious of the brand we project and its impact on the world.


MonaVation LLC

MonaVation is a full service General Contracting company serving the greater Indianapolis area. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and provide quality work and customer service to our clients and partners. We place a high level of value on integrity on everything that we do, and take pride in completing our projects in a meticulous manner that exceeds expectations.


The Build Your Own BrandCast

The Build Your Own Brand podcast is a show to highlight the experiences and perspectives that will enable you to build a better brand personally, professionally, and progressively. Brought to you by Mike Pirtle and the Enthrall Brand Architects, this show is filled with the socially conscious, positive energy needed to create a collaboratively, progressive marketplace.

The Serial CEO Podcast

The Serial CEO is a show about Progress. When you can control your agenda, you have the ability to create whatever life you desire. Chaining those successful executive decisions for yourself together is what momentum is all about. Join me in the journey to maximized potential.


ELITE Apparel is an apparel design, production, and fulfillment company. The existing concern of the business is growing the Elite Garb LifeStyle brand centered on the ethos of striving for your peak potential each day. Progress is what LYFE is all about. Be ELITE!

MaidMe LLC

MaidMe takes pride in making our families lives easier. We believe that coming home to a clean, organized environment is an experience that makes everyone more relaxed and prepared for the world outside. Our certified technicians will maintain your space so you can enjoy it!

ELITE Foundation Inc

The ELITE Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to providing paths to progress for those with aspirations in entrepreneurship, media, wellness, and technology. We believe that ideas are at the foundation of society. Cultivating people to their peak mindset will intensify the potential and power of their ideas. We fuel that mindset with tools, resources, and training to enable progress toward self driven goals.

The ELITE Foundation provides programming and grants to underserved entrepreneurial communities. We will focus on facilitating brand development, media creation, mind/ body wellness, and tech-enabled learning to empower our people with a trajectory to self-sustainability in their chosen endeavors.

Chief Executive Positions

I have amazing partners in these businesses where I reside as CEO to direct the brand strategy and business development.

Crashpadz Inc

Crashpadz is a trailblazer in the temporary living solutions economy. The company is based in San Francisco, one of the most competitive housing markets in the world, and has continually developed innovative answers to critically challenging questions. The brand is now expanding to multiple locations, and providing a gateway for listing other hostels on our proprietary Crashpad Hostel Network (CHN).

The Yacht Club LLC

The Yacht Club is a restaurant focused on offering “seafood from the soul”. The property is at the historic Twelve Points in Terre Haute, IN. This location is unique in that all of the major roads of the city come together at our intersection.