As promised, I’m back to talk about Drive! In the last episode, we talked about why it’s important to figure out your “Why”, the thing that puts you into a state of mind where you’re willing to delay gratification, where you’re not operating on a day-to-day basis to pacify yourself. Today, I want to lock in on some actionable ways that you can go about creating progress in your life.

How do you become a technician, get under the hood, work on that engine and apply that drive in a way that’s going to create sustainable progress for your life? Let’s get into it!


What is missing in your life? Ask yourself, “What do you want, and why do you want it?” And more importantly, “Is it something that you should do?” because intention translates into results with anything that you believe or strive for.

Progress is binary. You either go up or you go down. There’s no such thing as “staying the same,” that’s not the way life works.

Don’t let your dreams become stagnant. You definitely have to take it for something that you should do or something that you could do to something that you must do. It has to be something that if you don’t do it you feel like your existence isn’t even complete.

Make a decision and then create a plan of action around how you can fulfil that desire. You have to have a deep, burning desire for the things that you want. That’s what this is about. It’s cultivating a deep desire for those things that you really want.

Don’t just focus on the end goal. You have to focus on the steps that will get you there. In order to be somebody who actually gets the goals that you set, it’s important to be a planner.

Plan the steps that are going to get you to where you want to be. What’s the curriculum for your success? With your self-directed goals, what’s the curriculum for your achievement?

Don’t just focus on the finish line! Focus on the pace! If you only focus on the finish line and not on the strides that you’re taking to get there, you’re not going to win.

“When you pacify yourself, you normally kill any type of ambition to do something else because you’re complete and totally content.” [0:00:42]

“If you enter your day with purpose and intention, then the future will make sure that you get an honorable mention.” [0:05:11]

“Success is simple but it’s not mandatory and it definitely doesn’t happen by default.” [0:06:17]

“Every dream is achievable but you have to have a plan.”[0:09:01]


Hit me up on Twitter or on Facebook and let me know what your plan is. Who is it that you need to become? What are you going to do to get to the next level? How are you going to finesse the system for achieving the things that you want? Write it down and it becomes possible. Schedule it and it becomes real.

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