Welcome back to The Serial CEO! Today, we’re going to talk to Kelli who, in my opinion, is one of the elite achievers in Indianapolis. She’s someone who has really set the bar, and has been in the position of being an influencer and a leader. I hope you can all pick up some valuable lessons from her. Enjoy!


Kelli Jones is a young entrepreneur who leads two amazing brands. She is co-founder of Be Nimble Venturs and From Nap, With Love. Her background is mostly in marketing, advertising, and sales while working in the music industry for the last 10 years. Now, with From Nap, With Love, she works to bring culture together by creating a hub for young professionals, and creating enticing events that are more than just a party. Be Nimble is a venture where Kelli works to create a culture that’s dedicated to diversity, inclusion and technology.


Pieces of advice and lessons learned from Kelli

  • Do what you really love. Do something that you feel attached to, something that doesn’t feel like work every day.
  • Be motivated. Go out there, connect with people, and make an impression.
  • 99% of success is showing up and asking questions. When you always show up and you always ask questions, that will lead you to opportunities.
  • Learn from the people you’re working with.
  • Start thinking higher of yourself. Don’t be okay with just doing enough, you need to start thinking that you deserve more.
  • Be fearless. As an entrepreneur, fearlessness is something that you have to have. Don’t be afraid to take that leap, take the lead and just do it.
  • Don’t settle. Always look for what can be better. Always look to improve and step things up.


Connect with Kelli


“We wanted to focus on two things, two brands. One being basically trying to bring culture together. Meaning, I think in Indianapolis, specifically, there’s a lot of stuff going on but no one’s ever doing things together, like there’s not a collaborative environment. It’s kind of everything is a competition. It’s either segregated or it’s a competition. I don’t work that way and I hated seeing it.” — Kelli [08:56]


“I want everyone to start thinking higher of themselves, if that makes any sense. I feel like people need to deserve more. I think what happens sometimes — and this is no shade to anyone, but I feel like people are okay with just doing enough, like you just got to do this in order to get these people to the door, and we don’t operate that way. We are trying to really do something that you are going to walk away from and say, ‘Oh, this is crazy.’ It’s not a money grab for us. It’s really about having a good time doing something different.” — Kelli [10:16]




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