This life is a journey! Today on The Serial CEO, I want to talk to you guys about finding the course for your life, your brand, and your business.

If you’re alive, you’re probably moving. If you’re not moving, you’re probably dead. You’re in between those two categories pretty much with every decision that you make. Are you going to give more life to who you want to be, or are you going to retreat away from that potential?

Tune in to this episode and start charting your course towards that Elite LYFE today!


A course is a direction, a charted path to a definite end goal. When you go to sea, you have to account for a lot of different hurdles. You MUST to chart a course beforehand. Success is about having a plan and sticking to that plan over time.

Be realistic with yourself! You need to know where you want to be, but more importantly, you need to know you’re not there yet.

Make sure that you never settle. You have to stay mobile in order to make your life an epic journey worth going through. Create a paradigm in your mind that when you settle, you die.

Prepare for problems, but don’t fear them. A problem is something that you don’t know the answer to, and you can’t possibly know the answer without solving it.

The key to the Elite Mindset: decide to be a problem solver. Problem solvers resolve the unknown and discover the universe.

Discovery enables creation. When you discover who you are, you unlock your ability to manifest your purpose on this planet.

“A stagnancy of the mind is a death to the soul.” [03:06]

“When you settle for less than the elite version of an experience that you want to have, you die a little.” [03:26]

“You have to be willing to embark into the unknown if you want to create a journey out of your life.” [05:25]

“When you discover who you are, you unlock your ability to manifest your purpose on this planet.” [06:48]


Get clear on your game plan! Plant your flag on your path in life!

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